[aprssig] Vehicular Window Flag Mount for antenna base?

Rodney Padmore rodpadmore at ns.sympatico.ca
Sat Aug 27 15:45:21 EDT 2005

Thanks Richard for your cogent reply. I am inclined to agree with you. So 
far I haven't had any success with the idea-roof  too close to antenna, bad 
SWR's, trying to trim a piece of coax now, centre for antenna and mesh for 
countepoise; not expecting much but think I'll dable a bit more with it 
before abandoning it. Best regards from Nova Scotia to the Bay State, 73 de 
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>> Thanks for reply, Richard. I am thinking of the kind that is used by many 
>> Patriots to fly the U.S. Flag attached to  the rear car windows, 
>> typically. I recall seeing them in the Merrimack Valley and now they are 
>> appearing up here flying the red and white flag.
>> You see them especially on commemorative occasions. It seems to me they 
>> might make a great base for a quick and dirty vhf antenna-quarter wave or 
>> such. I am trying to figure if they can be adapted as an antenna baseand 
>> thought someone might have already seen the potential , 73 de Rod,
> That's what I *thought* you meant ... but I didn't really believe it ... 
> On my car I've been running an American Flag on such a mount since 9/11 
> (not the same flag/mount of course)  They are all similar, but not exactly 
> the same. Some of these flag mounts are one piece. Some are two piece 
> units .. the flag "staff" twists and locks in the window mount part.  Some 
> of these flag staffs are not very stiff either.
> Frankly, I think you'd do much better with a suction cup mount or a over 
> the window mount that Radio Shack used to sell (don't know if they still 
> do .. with no catalog to look at) BUT these only took BNC antennas
> But these BNC over the window mounts were made of metal, not plastic like 
> the flag mounts.  If you wanted to mount a NMO antenna I think it you'd 
> have better luck converting a BNC mount than using a plastic flag mount.
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