[aprssig] APRS web maps

Rich Parry aprssig at w9if.net
Sat Aug 27 12:41:59 EDT 2005

I wrote a program, WAPAPRS, 
http://w9if.net/cgi-bin/wapaprs/web_main.pl that shows the location 
of objects (cars, etc.) on a cell phone. The program worked for 
years, but due to restrictions in access to maps, it stopped working.

I would like to make it operational again, but need to be able to 
grab a map from a map server by passing a callsign. Below is the perl 
line that used to work. Anyone got a suggestion for an updated method 
for grabbing maps?

wget -q -p -nd -O /var/www/html/myicons/temp1.gif 

Rich, W9IF
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