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Burt ve1ama at av.eastlink.ca
Thu Aug 25 14:02:27 EDT 2005

         Good afternoon,...
         Here is a quick and easy way to have an application shortcut on 
the desktop.
If you have looked someone up using whatever means, eg: findu, it of course 
gives you
a web site with the map and info you wish on the page, just grab the little 
symbol at
the front of the www address line and drag it to a clearspot on your 
desktop, it now
shows up as an icon there.  You can do this with many different instances 
and if you
like right click on them and rename them to whatever you want.  You can 
then - once
your desktop starts getting cluttered, create a new folder on the desktop 
and give it
a name, then go and drag all the othere icons into that new folder, now 
you want to use something like findu, click on the icon on the desktop, or 
go into
the folder and choose one, then if it is not the right callsign, just 
change the callsign
in the address group.  It is akin to making a lot of favourties in your 
browser, quick
and easy right from the desktop.
         Hope this is of some help or interest.
         7 3,... Burt & Phyllis
              ve1ama & va1pr
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At 08:56 AM 25/08/2005, you wrote:
>I am looking for a way I can build a small DESKTOP app with a series of 
>Findu Queries that are "clickable" so a novice user can fire off a query 
>and get results back. Is anything like this available?
>Any enlightenment will be appreciated.
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