[aprssig] Iron Butt Relevence

James kb7tbt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 19:26:29 EDT 2005

My intention was not to offend so no apology is needed, I did see the 
advanced tracking that you provided but this was a commercial application.
I have yet to see anything pop on my map that indicated any of the riders 
had any APRS equipment on board.
Don't get me wrong here, I support the riders and used to have my own ride a 
few years back, I used to run a tracker on it under -5, but this looked more 
like an advertisement then a relevant story for the list.


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> Figured somone would jump in with a comment..and I'll respond..about 2 
> years ago Bob, WB4APR posted the IBR (Iron Butt Rally) on this 'List' as a 
> possibility of one or more contestents may have APRS onboard. Now if you 
> look at the very bottom of the current post you will see the tracking 
> capability along with the advancement in mapping.....Though I did not 
> mention APRS..I'll apologise
> Clay AA3JY
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