[aprssig] D700A Data Band & No 2m band

hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Sun Aug 21 10:04:14 EDT 2005

I found out how to do it...albeit not as "cleanly" as I would like.

I was changing data band to B in the wrong menu (Menu 3...APRS). I needed, 
of course, to change it to B in Menu 1-6-1!

Now I have what I want:

Band B has data band and 437.975 for monitoring PCSAT2, band A has access to 
both VHF and UHF for voice.

Now...the part that doesn't work: PM

It seems if you store two different PM's, one for "normal aprs operations" 
(144.390, aprs tnc mode), and another for what I show above, an unintended 
consequence happens:

The TNC drops out of KISS mode. In other words, if you recall the first 
settings from a PM, even though the tnc was in kiss mode when you stored it 
in PM, it apparently doesn't store KISS mode...and I need that for agwpe.

So...while I have it setup and working beautifully for what I wanted, any 
time I make a change to go back to normal mode, I have to shut down agwpe, 
and restart it, so agwpe can put the d700 back into KISS. A bit clunky, but 
at least things are working as I want now.

I can use the radio as the dual band machine it was designed to be. I can 
chat on the local repeaters on either uhf or vhf, listen to NWS or other 
stuff on side A, while leaving side B on PKT TNC to copy PCSAT2 and 
automatically gate what I hear to the apsr-is (thanks to agwpe and 

Thanks all for the tips.


...hasan, N0AN
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> The only way to do it, would be to switch the DATA Band back and forth
> between A & B every time you what to switch between UHF or VHF APRS or
> Packet.  It is not too much trouble if you do it often, as the last menu
> item you used, will be the one to come up next time you push the menu
> button.  A few OK pushes and a twist of the tuning knob.;<)
> Good luck with it,
> Ken W7TS
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