[aprssig] Looking for a couple of beta testers for XDigi

kc5zrq kc5zrq at d-star.us
Fri Aug 19 09:43:30 EDT 2005

I would be interested in testing the XDigi.  We met at
Hamcom earlier this year.  I am from Lubbock and my friend
and I have control of five digis in the Lubbock area. 
KC5OBX-7, KD5JTM-5, W5LCC-3, KC5MVZ-2 and KC5MVZ-4.  They
all use Kantronics KPC3 TNCs which are not handling the new
WIDEn-N paradigm very effectively.

Some of the sites where the digis are located have limited
access, so we are looking for is a TNC that will allow us to
connect remotely to make any changes necessary.  We are also
very interested in a TNC that allows us to "L-List" or
reject a large number of calls.  This is needed so we can
limit the amount of traffic that floods our system when we
get a minor band opening to the Southeast.

We do have access to a PIC programmer.  We would be
interested in testing TNC-X and XDigi.

My name is John Habbinga, KC5ZRQ, and my friend, who would
also be involved in testing, is Joey Johnston, KC5MVZ.


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<hansen at fredonia.edu>To: aprssig at lists.tapr.orgSubject:
[aprssig] Looking for a couple of beta testers for
XDigiDate: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 22:39:26 -0400> XDigi is a
forthcoming digipeater daughter board for TNC-X>
(www.tnc-x.com), based loosely on the UIDigi>
implementation.  It seems  to be working ok at this point,>
but I'd like to find a couple of people  who might be>
willing to beta test it for me.  I would, of course,> supply
 you with a free XDigi which would be yours to keep> after
the testing.   Ideally testers would be:> > 1. Folks who
have the time to spend evaluating it.  I'm> trying to get 
this done before the DCC in late> September... I promised a
bunch of  people they'd be> available by then.> > 2. Folks
who already own a TNC-X. (I only have 2 kits left> and it
will  be 3 weeks or so before I get more).> > 3. Folks
pretty familiar with APRS and how APRS digis> currently
work.> > 4. The ideal person would own a PIC programmer that
would> allow them to  burn updated code into an 18F2525....>
though I don't really expect to  get volunteers who can do>
this. (no, I've not implemented a boot loader  in it at>
this point... yes, it would be a good idea to do so).> > To
get an idea of what's involved with XDigi you can have> a
look some  documentation I put together for beta testers>
at:> > http://www.coastalchip.com/Xdigi.doc> > Thanks in
advance.> > John W2FS> > >
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