[aprssig] Looking for a couple of beta testers for XDigi

John Hansen hansen at fredonia.edu
Thu Aug 18 22:39:26 EDT 2005

XDigi is a forthcoming digipeater daughter board for TNC-X 
(www.tnc-x.com), based loosely on the UIDigi implementation.  It seems 
to be working ok at this point, but I'd like to find a couple of people 
who might be willing to beta test it for me.  I would, of course, supply 
you with a free XDigi which would be yours to keep after the testing.  
Ideally testers would be:

1. Folks who have the time to spend evaluating it.  I'm trying to get 
this done before the DCC in late September... I promised a bunch of 
people they'd be available by then.

2. Folks who already own a TNC-X. (I only have 2 kits left and it will 
be 3 weeks or so before I get more).

3. Folks pretty familiar with APRS and how APRS digis currently work.

4. The ideal person would own a PIC programmer that would allow them to 
burn updated code into an 18F2525.... though I don't really expect to 
get volunteers who can do this. (no, I've not implemented a boot loader 
in it at this point... yes, it would be a good idea to do so).

To get an idea of what's involved with XDigi you can have a look some 
documentation I put together for beta testers at:


Thanks in advance.

John W2FS

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