[aprssig] Is the APRS Spec for APRS Data Type Identifier just randomly ignored? Should it be?

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Thu Aug 18 12:16:07 EDT 2005

On Aug 18, 2005, at 11:56 AM, James Washer wrote:

> The reason I asked this, is that destination=BEACON is explicitly  
> included in the APRS spec, hence, it's not correct to say a  
> destination=BEACON packet is NOT an APRS packet.

BEACON is a destination callsign defined in the APRS spec, which  
simply means it is included in the default ALTNET. Giving something a  
destination of BEACON does not make it either an APRS packet or a non- 
APRS packet. In fact, it specifically is in the spec so that non-APRS  
station on an APRSS network can be seen.

Steve K4HG

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