[aprssig] One last question on digipeater code for TNC-X

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 17 09:50:29 EDT 2005


Good question.  But there are some important facts.
1) Digi ID/posit beacons should always be IDENTICAL, 
else they consume LOG files by constant changes
on every transmission.

2) But more than one can be used if it has nothing
to do with this digi.  Such as an OBJECT for something
else local that APRS users need to see.

3) The only reason we needed 4 was to implemnet
the variable PATH and variable TIMING for 
the digi's ID/Posit beacons.  No other reason.

4) It would be far better to avoid all these pitfalls,
in a new TNC by allowing for just ONE DIGI POSIT
text and then haveing the TNC smart enough to
use the variable timings and paths so that locally
a beacon is seen every 10 minutes.  A one hop
copy is sent out once every 30 minutes and a
2 hop one is sent out every 2 hours.

That Item #4 is the MAIN objective of a digi's
beacon system...   Bob, Wb4APR

>>> John Hansen <hansen at fredonia.edu> 08/16/05 10:35 PM >>>

A while back I was working on the code for a digipeater daughter board 
for TNC-X and I asked a few questions here about features.  I appreciate 
the input.  I'm now finishing up this code (I expect to have it ready 
for beta testing by the end of this week) and I have one last question.

As you may recall, I was modelling this project on the widely used 
UIDigi feature set.  I was advised by someone that one problem with this 
code was there were only 3 beacons and really 4 were needed.  So I put 
four in the code for XDigi.  I've set this up so that a separate beacon 
text and beacon interval can be specified for each.  My remaining 
question is whether it is important to have a separate destination 
callsign and path for each of the four beacons.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance for your input.

John W2FS

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