[aprssig] Re: I need help understanding some packets

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Tue Aug 16 18:41:44 EDT 2005

  See below:

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>washer at trlp.com wrote:
>>While looking at traffic from APRS-IS, I see about 0.5% of 

>>KB0VKT-2>WIDE1-1,KB0VKT-2,I,qAC,KB0VKT-2:=I7`(*6L!]&  BMntr 
>.42N/09502.59Wr146.46 Willmar MN Usa Node 184003               
>>KA5WRG>WIDE2-2,qAo,WA8EFC:=3523.05N/09725.77W-Duane Angles: 
>dangles1 at cox.net 
>KD7YOH-1>WIDE2-2,qAR,KD7NM:=4746.58N/12203.72W- {UIV32N}       

>.It's newbies to UI-View!    UI-View has a rather idiosyncratic way of 
>setting the destination AND path. 

There is another possibility.  If memory serves me correctly, an APRS client
application would incorrectly parse headers from AEA(?) TNC's.  These TNC's
used > instead of commas as delimiters between the VIA fields.  This
application incorrectly converted the AEA(?) format to TNC2 format.  This
caused the ToCall field to be placed in the wrong position in the TNC2 ASCII
header.  This is very obvious with Mic-E packets but the above example does
not include Mic-E.  However, I occasionaly see some of the mis-converted
Mic-E packets on the APRS-IS.

Bill KC9XG

> Most APRS apps have separate fields for the destination and 
>path values 
>on their setup screens.   Thus you would enter "APRS" in one field and 
>perhaps "WIDE2-2 in another.
>UIview has you put both in one field as a single string such as 
>"APRS,WIDE2-2"   Users that don't read the help screen for "Setup, 
>Station Setup" place JUST the desired path, such as "WIDE2-2" 
>here. The 
>program then parses it as a destination of "WIDE2-2" with zero 
>digi hops.  

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