[aprssig] Suitable radios

Carlos Velazquez kp4ve at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 16 09:26:15 EDT 2005

I went through the same process. Initially had my TT3 with RS HTX-202, but switched to a Kenwood TM-241 that I got at a local hamfest.  Is small and is been in operation for several months now with good results.  I think any radio that you can get at a good price will do a good job.

Keith Kotch <kkotch at earthlink.net> wrote:

I want to replace the HT/amp arrangement I now have with a small mobile radio for a mobile APRS station.


The TNC  is  a KPC 3+.  Are there any current small-footprint (about the size of the tnc) mobile radios that shouldn’t be considered or some that work pretty well for aprs/packet?


Eventually I’ll most likely get a D700 but for now just a 2m mobile will suffice.


Keith, KF4BXT

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