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Mon Aug 8 06:51:09 EDT 2005

It is _very_ important to use different SSID's for verified connections.
Even if only one of two connections is verified (valid password), you
must use a different SSID for the non-verified (read-only password)
connection.  Multiple connections from the same callsign-SSID of which
at least one is a verified connection is considered a potential loop
generator and is denied.

This also applies to connecting to different servers.  Only one
callsign-SSID should be connecting to APRS-IS at a time using a verified
connection.  Bottom line, unless the callsign-SSID is used for read-only
connections exclusively (like javAPRS, for instance), you must be use
unique callsign-SSID's for each connection into the APRS-IS.  You must
also use unique callsign-SSID's for RF stations as all RF stations are
also seen on APRS-IS.

If you look at http://www.findu.com/stream 99% of the "missing" packets
are caused by people connecting to multiple servers with the same


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> Subject: [aprssig] aprs server question
> How can I stop the aprs server booting me off cause i connect twice ?
> Can i use a different ssid ?

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