[aprssig] Broadcasting?

Tad Burnett tburnett at vermontel.net
Wed Aug 3 22:10:02 EDT 2005

And as for the time frame...It is now being reported the everyone made 
it off the plane with in the 90 seconds that is the desired exit time 
for a crash...and probably within a minute there were enough people off 
so the 200 figure would not be posible...I still think that part should 
have been left out...The person reporting obvisouly was not a good 
witness to be reporting such detail....

Richard Amirault wrote:

> Actually the original poster said that the APRS message said "...200 
> feared dead"  That was accurate for the time frame when it was sent 
> ... later on we learned that there were no fatalities.
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> Broadcasting?
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>> This thread started when someone mentioned that a particular APRS 
>> station had sent an APRS bulletin about a plane crash with hundreds 
>> of fatalities which was completely false. A plane skidded off the end 
>> of a runway in bad weather and burned, but there was not a single 
>> fatality. Let's hope that such false bulletins like this one are 
>> never sent again. Bulletins, if an individual deems that there is a 
>> valid reason for sending it, should be factual.
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