[aprssig] Re: [ui-view] ALogger PCSAT2 Update posted

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Wed Aug 3 11:57:45 EDT 2005

  See below:

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>Bill Diaz wrote:
>>ALogger 2.0.2 has been posted to http://www.billdiaz.dynip.com
>>This version contains some fixes and some changes suggested 
>by Bob WB4APR to
>>facilitate logging of PCSAT2 packets.  

>Aloger question.
>I am using a Symek TNC3S that automatically boots into KISS mode on 
>power up, no config file needed. How can I configure Aloger 2.0.2 for 
>this TNC?
>Can't seem to find the info.
>Don  WB5EKU

ALogger does not presently support KISS mode.  

>From the ALogger TNCHelp.txt file:
ALogger was designed to work with standard TNC's operating in converse mode.
If a TNC is in KISS or HOST mode, ALogger will not be able to communicate
with the TNC.  Refer to your TNC manual to determine the steps needed to
exit HOsT or KISS mode.

ALogger includes the ability to send configuration files to an attached TNC.
Unfortunately, it does not include a configuration file for the Symek TNC3S.
If it is TNC2 compatible, you may be able to use INITTAPR.TNC (after
editing).  However, you could also create your own config file in a text
editor such as notepad and save it as a .tnc file.  Your manual should
include instructions to exit KISS mode and these could be included in the
newly created .tnc file.


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