[aprssig] Broadcasting?

Richard Amirault ramirault at erols.com
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> Hams don't broadcast.

Sure they do (at least some of them do)   You ever hear of K1MAN??

The ARRL makes legal "broadcasts" every day. They have NO special permission 
to do that, nor do they need any. (the only special permission they 
have/need is the ability to pay a ham to make those transmissions)

My understanding (limited as it may be) is that here in the USA a 
'broadcast' intended for hams (that is .. a legal broadcast) must be of a 
subject matter that is of a general interest to hams to be considered not to 
be a 'broadcast'.  That is, you can make all the one way transmissions you 
want, provided you are talking to other hams and telling them 'stuff' of 
interest to them as hams.  That last part is a big grey area on what is 
specific interest to hams.

During a SKYWARN alert,  the hams at the local National Weather station will 
usually prod someone to ask them for a weather report .. rather than just 
give it out.  The reasoning behind this? I don't know for sure, but I'd 
guess that the weather is of interest to most everyone, but it is NOT of 
special interest to hams .. again, just a guess.

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