[aprssig] RE: Delorme Earthmate

Hinton Gary-MCG30554 Gary.Hinton at motorola.com
Wed Apr 27 14:33:04 EDT 2005

I see the Delorme website does not even show this rectangular Earthmate
any more.  The serial adapter cable is also no longer listed in the Accessories.  It looks to me like they are discontinuing this model.

A friend recently needed to get his fixed.  When he asked the Delorme
Tech Support group for a schematic or repair, he received this response:

Thank you for contacting Delorme technical support.  Unfortunately we do not offer any schematics or repair services on any of our GPS's.  The devices are at a price point where it does not justify repairing them.

DeLorme Technical Support

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Miike, call DeLorme's toll-free order line. The adapter was on their web
site under some sidebar of adapters for the Earthmate.

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