[aprssig] Version in Beacon

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 25 10:43:06 EDT 2005

>>> "Tim Schall" <ka7pbi at fortgirlfriend.com> 4/24/05 1:29:38 PM >>>
>A while back someone (Bob?) suggested that it might be 
>useful to include paths handled and software versions in 
>the ID stream or status beacon of a digi.
>Take a lookg at: http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?sea 
>I've got paths handled and software name and version number 
>in the status beacon.  Is this what you were thinking?
>=4736.95NN12218.53W#PHG6550/DigiNed (Linux) --
ka7pbi at fortgirlfriend.com 

Yes, the APND0W implies the software version
So the DIGINED (linux) is not really needed. Also
then I dont see the type of digi supprot such as W3,SSn
support comments...  This will show on a Kenwood as

DigiNed (L
inux) --ka
7obi at for

I would think a little better
format could be found... especially
since it should invlude the R,Wn,SSn
in the first line.,..

or something like that...


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