[aprssig] AA3JY-4 and WIDEN-N

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 25 09:41:57 EDT 2005

>>> "Joe Della Barba" <joe at dellabarba.com> 4/23/05 8:53:32 PM >>>
>I jsut discovered that  AA3JY-4  will not relay anything but 
>WIDEn-n paths.  RELAY, WIDEn-n and WIDE are not 
>digitpeated. Is this now common?

Yes, this is the New N Paradigm.  It greatly eliminates dupes
in the APRS network.

>I set my TT to WIDE2-2 and WIDE3-3 now. Is there 
>anywhere this will not  work?

Should work everywhere.  Even in the Big cities where
3-3 is not supported, you will at least get one hop to 
an IGate...probably...


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