[aprssig] Baker to Vegas Tomorrow...

Phillip Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Sat Apr 23 04:00:28 EDT 2005

Yes!  And the official Baker to Vegas tracking page can be found at:


Enjoy the show!
Phil - AD6NH

Steve Dimse
> Just a reminder, tomorrow and Sunday is the biggest event in the APRS
> year, the Baker to Vegas Run, with more than 40 APRS trackers
> scheduled. findU's page is at
> http://b2v.findu.com/
> On this page there is not only a zoomable map, but a table of the
> trackers, the leg of the course they are on, and the distances in that
> leg. This table is not perfect, I need a GPS track of the course to do
> that, and so far no one has been able to provide me with one (could
> have done it myself last year when I was at Great Basin National Park,
> but didn't think about it then).
> The group that coordinates the APRS activity (OC RACES)  runs a javAPRS
> tracking page for those that prefer that display method
> http://www.b2vtracking.com/
> Enjoy.
> Steve K4HG
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