[aprssig] Deluo GPS Lite altitude limit

Josh Keller jeepin95 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 21 23:19:41 EDT 2005

I can't tell you the limit, but I can tell you that mine is consistently 
off by about 500' here in Portland, OR with good sat coverage. I 
contacted support months ago when I got the thing and they said that it 
wasn't designed to be vertically accurate. My first clue was that it 
thinks I'm about -400' when in fact I am around 90' at my house. I know 
it isn't just at my particular location, but I haven't gotten chance to 
check and see if it is a steady value that could be compensated for. I 
also know that my Meridian GPS, Magellan 315, and Garmin 12XL all 
display the correct alt. +/- some small amount of error.


scott at opentrac.org wrote:

>Does anyone know what the altitude limit on the Deluo GPS Lite is?  What
>about the other Deluo models?  Not sure what engines they're all using.  I'd
>like to know which ones are suitable for balloon use.
>I think I'm going to start carrying these things on my web store.  I should
>be able to sell them for around $59, maybe a bit less if I buy enough.  Is
>anyone selling them for significantly less than that?  They're about $65 at
>Deluo's site.
>They're small, they're cute, they don't draw much power, and they seem to be
>a good choice for trackers.  Would be nice if they had a male connector,
>though - I don't think anyone makes a PCB-mount male mini-DIN, so I can't
>build a board that it'd plug into directly.  Could do a pigtail lead, I
>Now I've got to scrape all the technical docs together.  I know I've found
>them in the past, scattered around.  Need the specs on how to configure it
>for power saving and such.
>I've also been talking to an Evermore rep, since they apparently make at
>least some of the Deluo units.  They haven't been terribly responsive so
>far, though.
>Scott, N1VG
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