[aprssig] Deluo GPS Lite altitude limit

Larry Cerney lcerney at viawest.net
Thu Apr 21 21:52:04 EDT 2005

Scott, et al;

The Deluo that I have I have confirmed that GPS positioning data cuts off at
18,000 Km or around 60,000 Feet.  The Deluo I have does have the Evermore
chip set.

Data here:

Doesn't fly very well, but works great on the rear window sill connected to
my OpenTracker.


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Does anyone know what the altitude limit on the Deluo GPS Lite is?  What
about the other Deluo models?  Not sure what engines they're all using.  I'd
like to know which ones are suitable for balloon use.

I think I'm going to start carrying these things on my web store.  I should
be able to sell them for around $59, maybe a bit less if I buy enough.  Is
anyone selling them for significantly less than that?  They're about $65 at
Deluo's site.

They're small, they're cute, they don't draw much power, and they seem to be
a good choice for trackers.  Would be nice if they had a male connector,
though - I don't think anyone makes a PCB-mount male mini-DIN, so I can't
build a board that it'd plug into directly.  Could do a pigtail lead, I

Now I've got to scrape all the technical docs together.  I know I've found
them in the past, scattered around.  Need the specs on how to configure it
for power saving and such.

I've also been talking to an Evermore rep, since they apparently make at
least some of the Deluo units.  They haven't been terribly responsive so
far, though.

Scott, N1VG

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