[aprssig] Difficulty in reaching Bob Bruninga's WB4APR web pages..solution?

Ron Stordahl ron.stordahl at digikey.com
Thu Apr 21 12:40:16 EDT 2005

Many users (I think they are in typically in Europe) have difficulty in 


These are Bob Bruninga's pages on the 'New Paradigm'.  I believe the 
problem is the DNS servers these users are using.  A solution may be to 
add the address of a DNS server which has the correct information.  
Typically you are able to list up to 3 DNS servers to be used, and I 
believe that your system will try them one after another until it gets 
the addresses or fails.

Add this DNS server: 

As a test I removed all my DNS server address except that one and had no 
difficulty getting to Bob's pages.

Ron, N5IN

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