[aprssig] NEW PARADIGM Settings for Digi's

Daron Wilson daron at wilson.org
Wed Apr 20 18:04:45 EDT 2005

Interesting concept.  I guess I could go back and look but generally I don't
think we have the same weather data over and over very often.  I've thought
before a simple PIC project that split out a serial port so the incoming
data was from the weather station and the outgoing data was to the TNC could
parse the weather data string.  We've got a project kinda on the burner that
would do just that, but allow multiple weather stations to be used on the
input and multiple outputs (such as Peet Bros input and true APRS spec
output readable on the kenwoods) including plain text.  Not sure if it would
be valuable to others, but on remote weather stations in could make a much
better system.



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Has anyone come up with "Smartwx".  that only send out with certain changes
in the reading like smartbeacon for mobiles.  The constant sending of the
same wx info causes more qrm than long paths.


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