Re: Re: [aprssig] flying digipeater?

joe at joe at
Tue Apr 19 13:56:01 EDT 2005

I am willing to fly any APRS package you all can come up with out of ANP
(Annapolis) if you want to see how it works.
73 de Joe N3HGB

Robert Bruninga <bruninga at> wrote on 04/19/2005, 06:04:59 PM:
> >>> ve7gdh at 4/18/05 8:25:02 PM >>>
> >For SAR, from time to time there are operations where a 
> >plane just keeps circling a mountainous area with a 
> >repeater onboard for voice communication. ...could...
> > have an APRS digipeater onboard as well...
> Yes, that recommendation, to put APRS digipeaters on all
> SAR aircraft is an excellent plan.  The digis should be
> set to listen on 144.99 and TX on 144.39.  This way they
> can hear any SAR member with a small pocket tracker
> because they do not compete with the tons of  other QRM
> that is on 144.39.  Also the plane's digipeaters dont
> respond to other terrestrial packets either, thus operating
> transparently to the normal use of the frequency..
> Bob
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