[aprssig] Cat5 jumpers for mic connections

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Thu Apr 14 11:41:03 EDT 2005

Ok, thanks for the input.  This isn't really a one-off thing that I can just
test - I'm planning to offer a few basic cables and connectors along with my
OpenTracker kits.  It's really just for convenience, won't be making any
real profit on them.  But pre-made STP cables cost about 3 times as much as
the UTP cables, with fewer choices in colors.  On the other hand, maybe it'd
be worth it to carry STP cables since users are more likely to have UTP they
can scavenge at home and wouldn't otherwise be able to find shielded cables.


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We use Cat5 extensively on our serial connections without problems in my
Lab.  I've used it, as well, for mic/control head extension on a Yaesu
FT-8500 without problems.

Using the flat cables ("Silk") is much more likely to fail to prevent
cross-talk in my experience, in ethernet, serial operations and probably
audio.  While you've got a bit of an impedence mismatch for audio, you
have a shielding effect from the twist in UTP.


Jason Winningham wrote:
> On Apr 13, 2005, at 9:23 PM, <scott at opentrac.org> wrote:
>> For radios using an RJ-45 jack for the mic connector, is there any
>> advantage
>> to using shielded twisted pair when connecting a tracker?
> I use RJ45 to DB-x connectors for my server connections, and some
> recommend _not_ using twisted pair for RS232 because it can introduce
> crosstalk that untwisted cables wouldn't.  I have no idea if this is
> true for RS232 or extending a mic/control head.
> For 3', I don't think it would matter.
> I used a flat 8 conductor phone cable to extend my D700 mic cable.
> I think I saw some STP at www.bgmicro.com once upon a time.  I can't
> remember the length.
> -Jason
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