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The people in the NWAPRS group already know about this but since it's also going to end up on the national sig I'll explain just a bit.

With all the talk about paths and such I thought it would be interesting to stress test our network a little bit.  I set up an automated beacon from the SEA digi site to run once a minute during the 3AM hour.  There is software up there that counts all the packets and ranks users by number of packets heard and some other parameters.  It generates a new page once an hour.  For our local stuff heard on RF at the digi site take a look at http://packet.fortgirlfriend.com/usage.html  This count includes all packets generated plus dupes.  In other words, if I sent one packet and hear six different digi's resend it I get a count of seven.

The packets were all sent from the same transmitter that operates the SEA digi and counted by the same receiver.  I tried five different paths.  Here's how it all broke down:

WIDE2-2                       172 PACKETS

RELAY,WIDE2-1           217 PACKETS

WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1         116 PACKETS

RELAY,WIDE2-2           242 PACKETS

WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2         121 PACKETS

Clearly, preemptive digipeating and WIDE1-1 in the first slot help.  A lot.  Don't know what we'll do with this data but WHOOP! There it is!

Tim Schall



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