[aprssig] UiView32 Registrations

Rich Garcia k4gps at arrl.net
Mon Apr 4 22:38:50 EDT 2005

It was Rogers wishes that the code not be placed into public domain and
destroyed after his passing. Patches and fixes would I believe going against
his last wishes, no flames please don't shoot the messenger. I may not agree
with it but I do respect a persons last wishes.

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  Or what, you might get some unlicensed rogue hooking it up to their
scanner?  Unlicensed transmissions are an issue for the FCC (or other local
regulatory body.)  They're not supposed to even be buying transmitters if
they're not licensed, right?  They can't get gated back to RF without the
server login string.  Which you can already generate yourself anyway... but
it needn't be part of the patch.

  I have the utmost respect for Roger and his work.  I had a number of
friendly email conversations with him before he passed on.  I'm not
interested in going against his wishes - I just don't see that the current
system is fulfilling them any more than a registrationless system would.

  How about a patch program that pops up an explanation of the donation
request, with an 'I understand and agree' checkbox before applying the
patch?  Maybe with some hyperlinks to the American Cancer Society, Cancer
Research UK, and so on?  That's honestly what I expected from the
registration website, and I was surprised not to see it.

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Can someone tell me why there's even a registration requirement?  I thought
donations were entirely voluntary now.
 Don't we still need to make sure that it's a Ham that is using the program?
(for Igateing to RF) Or am I mistaken? MikeAD6AA
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