[aprssig] UiView32 Registrations

John Hall n5jrh at houstonhams.org
Mon Apr 4 21:50:09 EDT 2005

I thought registrations were still needed to generate the APRS server 
validation number


At 07:56 PM 4/4/2005, you wrote:

>  Agreed.  I'm surprised two things aren't already understood by those
>  who've been on this list for a while.
>  1.  Registration is FREE.  Just make a donation to the appropriate
>      'cause' afterward.  (My mom died of cancer, my father of diabetes,
>      so I understand the need to donate for research.)
>      All you need do is contact the person in your area of the world who
>      has volunteered to register you.
>  2. The author of UI-View died last year.  Think about it.
>  I don't say much on this SIG as someone in Europe is mirroring the SIG
>  without a care to SPAM - their files are open to spambots.  But the
>  idea of 'cracking' UI-View, when registration is only an e-mail away,
>  is reprehensible to me.
>  Vince
>Phillip B. Pacier wrote:
>>I think it is a disgrace and very inappropriate to be discussing cracking 
>>the UI-View registration code.  What a sad day for Amateur Radio when we 
>>have to resort to this.  It is truely disgusting.
>>Do one of two things instead.  (1) Stop using the program and find 
>>something else to use.  (2) Find someone other than Steve who has enough 
>>time to deal with the registrations.  I think we should do (2) anyway, or 
>>at least find someone to assist.  But talking about crackin this code 
>>needs to stop right away.
>>Phil - AD6NH
>>Scott Miller wrote:
>>>>Because the program won't work at all without being registered.  The
>>>>registration number is generated by some sort of complex "secret sauce"
>>>>algortithm applied to  your callsign.  Actually two numbers are
>>>>generated: One for the program and one for verifed logins to APRS servers.
>>>I know the algorithm for the APRS server login is well known.  As for the
>>>other - I could probably take a shot at cracking it.  Haven't done that to a
>>>shareware program since I was about 15, but it's usually not too hard unless
>>>the author went to extraordinary lengths to foil a debugger.  I wouldn't
>>>want to do that if there was a continuing need for registration for any
>>>other reason, though.
>>>Alternatively, any chance of distributing the keygen program or adapting it
>>>to a web interface?
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