[aprssig] BALLOON unproto paths

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 4 21:21:19 EDT 2005

>>> jdw at eng.uah.edu 4/4/05 7:56:03 AM >>>
>What is an appropriate altitude for switching to a ...zero hop
> path in a balloon?  My plans are for a low altitude path for 
>a typical mobile tracker (RELAY,WIDE2-2) and empty for 
>high altitude..... what's a good altitude to switch over?  
>I was guessing  around 10k or 15k ft.

Id say more like 100' back here on the East coast <grin>

New Balloon Recommendation:

In the past only WIDE was recoemmended for balloons.
But a BETTER PATH even today is WIDE2-2.

Normally we would never receomend a 2 hop path for
a balloon.  But since the path above is a WIDEn-N path,
then the perfect dupe-elimination algorithm works and
even if this hits every digi in 500 miles, all of those digis
will only TX it once.  Just like the old WIDE did.

Thus the path is safe and you cannot inflame anyone...

But now you get the advantage that once it is on the
ground and only hits one digi, then it WILL go out 2
hops to all surrounding digis...

And since we are eliminating RELAY in the future,
you need to get RELAY out of your thinking...
Another great advantage for the New n-N Paradigm

When RELAY is gone, the way to pick up a few more
local WIDE1-1 only-digis would be to use the path of
WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 so that the first hop would get them
too.  And again. all other copies are ignored due to
the dupe-elimination algorithm until you get on the ground.


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