[aprssig] UiView32 Registrations

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Mon Apr 4 20:39:09 EDT 2005

I think it is a disgrace and very inappropriate to be discussing 
cracking the UI-View registration code.  What a sad day for Amateur 
Radio when we have to resort to this.  It is truely disgusting.

Do one of two things instead.  (1) Stop using the program and find 
something else to use.  (2) Find someone other than Steve who has enough 
time to deal with the registrations.  I think we should do (2) anyway, 
or at least find someone to assist.  But talking about crackin this code 
needs to stop right away.

Phil - AD6NH

Scott Miller wrote:

>>Because the program won't work at all without being registered.  The
>>registration number is generated by some sort of complex "secret sauce"
>>algortithm applied to  your callsign.  Actually two numbers are
>>generated: One for the program and one for verifed logins to APRS servers.
>I know the algorithm for the APRS server login is well known.  As for the
>other - I could probably take a shot at cracking it.  Haven't done that to a
>shareware program since I was about 15, but it's usually not too hard unless
>the author went to extraordinary lengths to foil a debugger.  I wouldn't
>want to do that if there was a continuing need for registration for any
>other reason, though.
>Alternatively, any chance of distributing the keygen program or adapting it
>to a web interface?
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