[aprssig] The final WIDE2-1,WIDE1-1 solution!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Apr 1 15:09:49 EST 2005

Wes, I think you got it!

1) We replace RELAY stations with WIDE1-1 stations.
2) The general mobile path is WIDE2-2  (or 3-3 if one insists)
3)  for those indifviduals that insist they need a fill-in-digi can
use either of these paths:

WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2      (in areas that can handle 3 hops)
WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1      (in WIDE2-2 areas)

This completely eliminates the RELAY-DUPE-multiplication
problem and is fully compatible with the New n-N Paradigm.
But may not work in LA or areas with WIDE2-2-only digis,
though I think we can fix that too...

Is this workable?

In those areas that can afford 3 hops AND need
fill-in-digis, then mobiles in those areas can use

>>> Wes Johnston <aprs at kd4rdb.com> 4/1/05 2:47:43 PM >>>
I think I have it!

A mobile station running W1-1,W2-2 gives 3 hops minimum becuase
W1-1,W1-1 would cause every home station in town to TX....  But there
a real case for running less than 3 hops... If a mobile wants to limit
his path to fewer than 3 hops, he can "dummy up" a reduced Wn-n count
using W2-1 instead of W2-2.

I still think RELAY stations switching to W1-1 is a good idea.

We could have three recommended paths for mobiles:
W2-2       ->two hops off digis, if you can hit 1st digi direct
W1-1,W2-1  ->one hop off house or digi, one more hop off digi
W1-1,W2-2  ->one hop off house or digi, two more hops off digis

In other words, if you want one hop, we have a solution.... WIDE1-1
If you want two hops, we have a solution W1-1,W2-1
If you want three hops, we have a solution W1-1,W2-2
if you want four hops, we have a solution W1-1,W3-3

And.... W2-2 still works everywhere because all digipeaters will
to it. 


Robert Bruninga wrote:

>ARGH! Ur right.  Back to square one.  Too bad the
>WIDE0-1 idea didnt work... Bummer   Bob
>>>>"Curt, WE7U" <archer at eskimo.com> 4/1/05 1:15:29 PM >>>
>On Fri, 1 Apr 2005, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>Will this work?
>Close, but no cigar.  If someone were using a path of
>"WIDE2-1,WIDE2-2" and had "house" digi's configured to respond to
>that first one, you'd end up with:
>    WIDE2-1,WIDE2-2
>    WIDE2-1*,WIDE2-2 (house digi relayed it)
>    WIDE2-1*,WIDE2-1 (hilltop digi relayed it)
>    WIDE2-1*,WIDE2-1*
>    WIDE2-1*,WIDE2-1*
>    WIDE2-1*,WIDE2-1* (all house digi's that could hear the relay)
>    WIDE2-1*,WIDE2-1*
>    WIDE2-1*,WIDE2-1*
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