[aprssig] Actually, the WIDE2-1,WIDE1-1 solution!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Apr 1 13:10:11 EST 2005

>>> bruninga at usna.edu 4/1/05 12:41:46 PM >>>
>>That is why my WIDE0-1,WIDE1-1 seems like it should
>>work fine. ...

BUT IT WONT WORK.  Just tried it and the KPC-3
doesnt like the "WIDE0-1".  OK, so I tried the following 
and it *does* work!    So here would be the proposal
for those areas that still want to have lots of home-digis.

1) We eliminate RELAY completely.
2) Any FILL-IN digi that used to be a RELAY if it really is 
    needed, will change his RELAY alias to "WIDE2-1"
3) All DIGIS eliminate RELAY and fully support WIDEn-N
4) The recommended 2 hop mobile path in these areas is:


All DIGIS and all fill-in home WIDE2-1 digis will respond 
to the first hop and only the real digis will respond to the
following WIDE1-1.

And in the remote areas where 3 hops are acceptible
then mobiles can use the WIDE2-1,WIDE2-2 path if
they really think they are that important.

But remember, this is ONLY For those areas that still think
that home station digis are required in their area.  I don't 
think in most of the USA this is really needed so the general 
recommendation for mobiles remains just WIDE2-2 or maybe 
WIDE3-3 out in the real boonies.   And if locals want then 
they can support the WIDE2-1 home digis.

But lets get rid of the multiplication DUPE problem of RELAY 
now...  This new idea of replaceing it with the home station
alias of WIDE2-1 should  make those areas happy, and let 
the rest of us get on with the job of eliminating the dupe
multiplying RELAY...

Will this work?

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