[aprssig] Hidden tracker with laptop access

Hinton Gary-MCG30554 Gary.Hinton at motorola.com
Tue Nov 30 17:53:45 EST 2004

I am considering hiding a tracker in my car.  It will be powered at all
times.  I have heard the names of the many different designs, but am not
familiar enough with their features to know which one (or two) might fill my
needs.  Is there a chart that shows a comparison of the trackers?  Or maybe
those familiar with each of the units can comment on how well it matches my
desired features.

Desired Features:
Smart Beaconing
Ignition switch input for time change
GPS input (seperate, dedicated)
Laptop I/O connector (seperate, dedicated)
Radio connector (want to change from VHF to UHF)

In my area, we use UHF for public service events, hence the need for UHF.
Normally I will be running VHF.  The tracker and radios will probably be
placed under a seat.  The GPS will be placed under the dash.

The laptop connector will be placed somewhere on or under the dash.  When
I need to display APRS in the car or make configuration changes, I will
simply plug in the laptop.  When the laptop is not connected, a plug could
be installed that would select between the UHF or VHF radio.

Any suggestions on selection of the tracker?


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