[aprssig] Any APRSPoint users out there?

Doug Ferrell kd4moj at kd4moj.org
Tue Nov 30 14:13:15 EST 2004

At 09:32 AM 11/30/2004, you wrote:
>Doug, it is looking for APRSPoint. It keeps asking for the APRSPoint
>The version of MapPoint is MapPoint 2002.
>I have not been overly impressed by APRSPoint, it does have some nice
>features, but I do like to see track LINES and I have had a problem
>being able to verify communication between the program and the TNC, not
>finding the COMM port and finding a working registration number.
>Now, this little problem.
>Bob K8YS


   I have seen strange things when installing prgms from a server (which I 
think that you said in your first msg). Copy the APRSPoint.msi file over to 
your computer from the server, un-install your current version, then click 
on the .msi and reinstall. I would check and make sure that you have the 
correct version as well since there is a different .MSI file for 2002 and 2004.

         Is MP 2002 installed locally on your computer?

  BTW, the new version has LINES!

New in 2.1
1. Station speed is calculated using mph instead of knots,
2. Several bug fixes in the backend,
3. Fixed a spelling error in the tcp connect dialog,

New in 2.0
1. Track lines connecting points can be turned on or off for a tracked station,
2. TNC can be set up to auto connect upon program startup,
3. TNC setup is done by the program automatically,
4. Several bug fixes.

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