[aprssig] Deluo GPS connector

David Rush david at davidarush.com
Sat Nov 27 12:42:20 EST 2004

On mine, a PS/2 type connector is not used only for power.  My 
configuration came with three PS/2 connectors.  Let me explain....

The cable coming from the receiver itself ends at a PS/2 keyboard type 
connector (6-pin mini-din?), where power and data are fed into the 
receiver.  Mating with that is a Y cable that came with it, which fans out 
to another PS/2 connector (for power only) and a DB-9 (for data).

I believe that USB versions replace the Y cable with the USB widget.

David, KY7DR

At 07:15 PM 11/25/2004, you wrote:
>FWIW, DeLuo refer to their PS/2 connector (in their data sheets, etc.) with
>pins 1/6 top, pins 3/4 bottom. This is to match the standard laptop PS/2
>port, which they use to supply power (and power only) for their serial
>GPSes. They use a split serial+ps/2 cord, intending to pick up the data on
>the serial port and the power from the PS/2. Apparently this is standard
>across their line now, all same orientation and pinout, although some of the
>pinouts also show data lines and have 4 wires running in them. (Puzzling, no
>idea how they expect to get data via the PS/2 plug!)
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