[aprssig] What means SWSR9V and WIDE6-6?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 25 23:59:05 EST 2004

Strange.  On closer look the SWSR9V is a Mic-E latitude
but yet it appears on 8 stations occasionally and only
two of them are D700's and the rest are showing UIview
packets.  And they are all showing the SAME latitude
value, though their actual posit is elsewhere.

So something is munging up on RF or some TNC's are keeping
a Mic-E type destination address while also running other
software.  Throughout today, I have seen more calls with
this destination address and using the WIDE6-6 path.  SO
probably one "mechanism" with a 6 path is munging this
stuff...  I cant figure it out...


>>> k4hg at tapr.org 11/25/04 10:51 AM >>>
On 11/25/04 at 10:08 AM Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> sent:

>Looking at APRS this thanksgiving morning, I see 9
>stations sending packets to SWSR9V all using the
>WIDE6-6 Path.
I'm confused. Looking at these calls with findU's raw.cgi (default
setting of 24


A bunch of Mic-E packets, no SWSR9V

WX1S: No data

PHINPW: a lot of IGated weather warnings, no SWSR9V

AA3XJ-14: UI-View station, no SWSR9V

I didn't bother with the rest. Also, none of the ones I checked had an
long path.

Steve K4HG

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