[aprssig] digipeater IDs

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Nov 24 15:51:38 EST 2004

>>> aprs at kd4rdb.com 11/24/04 12:03:27 PM >>>
>Recently a thread ran on here suggesting a three way 
>staggering of digipeater IDs with regard to the path.
>What I've come up with is to simply add a 4th BLT 
>to fill in the 50 minute ID that is missing.

oops, sorry Wes,
I think this confuses the issue.  There are already two
very good algorithms using four BLT's that do the DIGI
identification well.   The recent thread of 3 BLT's -only-
applies to UI-DIGI ROMS that only have 3 BLT's and so 
your solution of adding another BLT violates the starting 
assumption that you  only have 3 to begin with.

Any system that has 4 BLT's works well with the two
algorithms previously published on my web page:



makes the following happen:
 0 mins DIRECT
10 mins WIDE     (direct sees this too)
20 mins WIDE2-2  (direct and WIDE see this too)
30 mins DIRECT
40 mins WIDE     (direct sees this too)
50 mins DIRECT

The end result is that the locals still see the ID every 10minutes

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