[aprssig] APRS emergency e-mai list back active

James Jefferson Jarvis jj at aprsworld.net
Wed Nov 24 14:07:53 EST 2004

Group -

The APRS emergency e-mail list is back up. You can go to


to subscribe. I cleared all of the previous members, so you will need to 

Certain APRS packets can be marked as EMERGENCY packets. They are designed to 
be sent as a digital equivalent of a SOS signal. A typical APRS client will 
center on the station sending the EMERGENCY packet and attempt to attract the 
operators attention. aprsworld.net is proud to introduce a gateway that will 
automatically e-mail you when such a packet is received in your area. You can 
specify the distance from your station to receive notices about EMERGENCY 
packets from, or you can be notified about all emergency packets.

An e-mail message will be sent out whenever the uppercase string "EMERGENCY" 
is contained in a packet. This is most typically seen with MIC-E packets, but 
any packet that contains it will trigger this system. You will receive an 
e-mail each time the emergency station transmit an EMERGENCY packet. 


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