[aprssig] Emergency Beacons

N5YSQ (Billy) n5ysq at cox-internet.com
Wed Nov 24 13:15:10 EST 2004

Hmmm, not sure if I get the full extent of message,     BUT I get here in a
week's time,   10 to 15 Emergency Messages,  and 99% of them, if you reply,
which I do if I am in the Radio Room, I never get an ACK..   So therefore,
I have no idea if they really had an Emergency, or was testing, or WHAT?
I have sent messages to stations in the AREA if possible of some of these
Emergency msg, and most of the time,  I do not get an ACK from them either.

One way transmissions are GREAT, if used properly,   but if are to be relied
on my all concerned I tend to believe that the basic   4 step confirmation
process is the ONLY way to have RELIABLE communications..

1.  Send
2.  Who you sent to receives
3.  An ACK is sent back from the receiver of your transmission
4.  YOU,   (the original sender)   receive..     End of cycle

Start next cycle or rest assured you message got thru

This WILL work..

Billy (N5YSQ)
Paris, TX

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Yep...  I didn't want to say APRSWORLD and put the spotlight where I wasn't
sure it belonged but yes that is what I was referring to.


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I believe he is refering to the aprsworld feature that does that. Here is
the sign-up page and information on it:

Unfortunately this feature is currrently off-line due to the fact that my
upstream provider blocks port 25 and therefore db.aprsworld.net can't send
the e-mail when it gets a emergency message.

It's something I should work on fixing ...


>>I wonder if those alarms work.
>>I don't believe I have ever  received an alarm.
>>I was supposed to receive an email but I didn't.
> Really? from whom?  I am not aware of this "feature"
> Please explain...
>>Does the D700 alarm if an emergency beacon is received?
> Simple enough to test
> preferably with no antenna connected and a dummy load
> and no digipeaters in the path.
> Bob
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