[aprssig] Emergency Beacons

James Jefferson jj at aprsworld.net
Tue Nov 23 13:35:58 EST 2004

I believe he is refering to the aprsworld feature that does that. Here is
the sign-up page and information on it:

Unfortunately this feature is currrently off-line due to the fact that my
upstream provider blocks port 25 and therefore db.aprsworld.net can't send
the e-mail when it gets a emergency message.

It's something I should work on fixing ...


>>I wonder if those alarms work.
>>I don't believe I have ever  received an alarm.
>>I was supposed to receive an email but I didn't.
> Really? from whom?  I am not aware of this "feature"
> Please explain...
>>Does the D700 alarm if an emergency beacon is received?
> Simple enough to test
> preferably with no antenna connected and a dummy load
> and no digipeaters in the path.
> Bob
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