[aprssig] Re:OT - Rigblaster Interface

Ralph Milnes ralphmilnes at patmedia.net
Sun Nov 21 13:23:58 EST 2004

What serial port (COM port) are you using?

Any other software using that COM port -- PDA software, etc?

Can you use a voltmeter to determine which pin has voltage on it and what
that voltage is? (Pin should be either 7 or 4; ground should be 5).

Ralph KC2RLM

At 11:31 AM 11/19/2004, kd4ydc at juno.com wrote:
>Maybe this might help some folks later...sorry if it is OT.>
>I am having problems using my Rigblaster M8 with a Dell Latitiude c800 
>running Win2000.  The same interface works fine on a desktop computer 
>running Win98 (use it on Echostation).  When I hook it up to the 
>laptop...it keys and stays keyed.  I have changed settings (xon/xoff, 
>none, hardware)...still nothing....keys up when it

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