[aprssig] AGWTracker Update

(SV2AGW)George Rossopoulos sv2agw at raag.org
Sun Nov 21 06:16:51 EST 2004


There is a new AGWTracker Update. 

New version has now in MessageView LCD screens like D700 and D7 and display
the message you type  to be able to see how it will appear in those units,
making easier for receipts of your message to read it.

Fixed  a problem with the new super fast map move algorithm.
Fixed the queries transmit problem.
Fixed also the Map ZOOM problem. Now the maps stay centered while zooming.


micro USB TNT (A pocket TNC with Build in Tracker and APRS digi with USB and
battery for portable operation)

(SV2AGW)George Rossopoulos
sv2agw at elcom.gr
George Rossopoulos
Nikanoros 59

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