[aprssig] Re: [Xastir] weather station

Bill Bell bill at gatewayeast.com
Fri Nov 19 20:25:24 EST 2004

You need a software package such as Virtual Weather Station (and others) to
read the data from the WMR-968. This will format the data to be used with
most APRS programs. I have used it with APRS+ and currently use it with
73's W9BEL


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Sorry to ask, but where do we find this program?

Curt Mills wrote:

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, W4HNK wrote:


Has anyone used an Oregon Scientific weather station on APRS? Model  WMR968.


It can be used with Xastir.  You just need to run the wx200d daemon

to connect the two.


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