[aprssig] New and playing

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 18 23:40:08 EST 2004

>>> aprs at kd4rdb.com 11/18/04 8:24:47 PM >>>
>then it dawned on me... since there is no "one size fits all" 
>solution to proper paths, the NETWORK should do the 
>path'ing for us.... 

Sorry, but you will find me  opposed to such an approach
because only the Originator of communications knows what
his immediate real-time communications needs are.  The 
network should allow him to do what he needs to do in 
real-time to achieve his immediate real time communications 
needs.  Further, letting the "network do the pathing for us" 
is just another one-size fits all solution forced down users throats.

>DigiNED for example can alter a station's path on the fly to suit
>local customs or for damage control. 

I am quite opposed to any path altering (the user never learns)
and also having over 1000 different digi definitions of what 
"local" customs are...  totally destroys the APRS concept o f
 working everywhere...

>I would love to see our APRS network evolve into a smart 
>network where some joker can run w7-7 all day long and 
>not adversely affect the network.

Yes, and we do that by changing from a WIDEn-N network
to a LANn-N or LINKn-N network and all digis supporting
RELAY and WIDE and mobiles using RELAY,WIDE 
and all locals using LANn-N or whatever they need to do
the job in their area.  WIDEn-N can be supported where 
it is practical but not supported where it is killing the net.

> Bob) will say you cannot count on the digi op's to upgrade 
>firmware in TNCs.. BUT, IMHO, if and when the digi owners 
>get fed up with the network not working because it is 
>saturated with  packets from 300 miles away, they _will_ 
>do something to fix it.

Yes, and they dont need to change any software or firmware
to do it.  Just REMOTE SYSOP into the digi and change
the UIFLOOD parameter to something OTHER THAN
WIDEn-N!   They can do it tonight!  Done.  No waiting for
someone to write new code, no need to replace any digi
software, firmware, or even to visit the site!

>What would be really slick would be to migrate to another 
>alias over time... such as the LANn-n and LINKn-n systems 
>for the locals

Ah, now we are speaking the same language, but why not 
change it now.  No need to migrate over time.  Do it now.
Cold Turkey...  Its a start...


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