[aprssig] UI-View16?

Jim Andrews jim at stuckinthemud.org
Tue Nov 16 17:30:21 EST 2004

UI-View16 was the original, before Roger made the move to 32bit development.

It fundamentally stopped after the move, but I think a few tweaks were done but
no additional features.

It does have a use, in that it will run faster than the 32bit version on older
hardware (486/low-end Pentium) with limited memory.


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Was/is there a use for UI-View16 these days?  Was it merely a demo
to get people interested in registering UI-View32?

If so, I'd like to take it off the Capabilities Chart, as UI-View32
doesn't cost $$ now.  Well, not directly, but you're asked to donate

If there's a valid reason to run UI-View16 these days, I can leave
it on the chart.

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