[aprssig] D700 APRS question

Rick Stoneking w2rds at arrl.net
Tue Nov 16 16:40:51 EST 2004

I have a D700 and have been using it to run APRS for almost 2 years now in 
the car.  I have asked the following question a few times on the Kenwood 
reflector and never got a reply (that I know of), and since this is related 
to the APRS on the D700 I hope I am 'on topic'.

The question is related to the various indicators:
When a duplicate position is received the display shows dP
When a duplicate status text is received the display shows dS
What does oM mean?

There may be one other that shows up but I can not think of it at the 
moment.  The oM is not listed in the table on page 14 of the special 
communications manual (where all of the other indicators are listed), and I 
can not find any reference to it anywhere in the manuals.


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