[aprssig] Attention Canadian APRS users

Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Tue Nov 16 09:29:10 EST 2004

On 11/16/04 at 9:09 AM Mark Sproul <kb2ici at amsat.org> sent:

>WinAPRS now supports maps for 100% of Canada via Toporam gif images
>These are high quality tiled gif images in 2 different resolutions 
>that cover 100% of Canada, WinAPRS and MacAPRS now support these maps 
>seamlessly along with Tiger map data.  Refer to
>   http://www.winaprs.org/WAPRSdoc.htm#Toporama
It looks like the web site to download them from is a bit difficult if you want
to get a bunch of maps. I have the full set on my server, however they have been
been converted to PNG. Mark, would your code be able to use these, or must they
be the GIF versions. If Mac/WinAPRS works with the PNG, then users could easily
download the full set (about 3 GB) with wget...


If it requires the GIFs, I have those on my server as well, but not publicly
accessible, I could change that if people desire...

Steve K4HG

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