[aprssig] UI-View... and the Future - New Open Source Type Project?

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1. I will get a list created for discussions of this topic made up. I will
let people know

2. netAPRS has been a source of income for my company. But realistically it
is not going to be one in the future. I was not planning to open source it
before this, but this may be a requirement.

3. My code is extremely modular. It could probably undergo some architecture
changes. But the idea is that each component is separate. Mapping is
separate from TNC and is separate from everything else.

4. It is written in VB.NET. From my point of view, .NET is a requirement for
whatever we do. It is upgradable into the future. If we do it properly we
can have components written in different languages talking to each other.

5. We will require some people to be architects, understanding the existing
code. There will be changes needed. But I think the basis is there. The APRS
parsing engine needs mainly to be cleaned up and documented. It also needs
messaging and weather support. This would be a good sub-project. 

6. If the mapping side needs a commercial component, lets do it. Radioactive
Networks will pay for bits as much as it can. But there are implications
here for charging for the software - the software needs to be
self-sustainable if we need to purchase this type of thing. Roger had the
right idea about $20 per user/copy I think. But this needs to be carefully
managed so that any income is only used for tools, and not for paying

7. The netAPRS weather support is not great. Neither is messaging. Neither
is beaconing. I do have it translated into French, Italian, English, and
Aussie Slang. 

8. Current mapping support in netAPRS is for OziExplorer and MapPoint as an
external program. I would love to have the ability to integrate to online
maps such as MapPoint Web Services and APRSworld maps. Also to MapInfo and

9. Resources areas needed

	VB.NET programmers
	System Architects/Designers
	Documentation People

	Upgrade and improve APRS decoder engine. Add encoding into the
engine. Add opentrac support
	Review existing software architecture
	Review options for mapping engines
	Messaging and Weather support
	TNC integration

10. Resources not needed

	Beta Testers
11. Until we get the mailing list done, I would be happy to share the source
of netAPRS with people under Non-Disclosure. It will not run since it
requires various extra components but the architecture is there. If you want
a look let me know. Not everyone who asks will get to see as it is a
commercial product at this minute. Tomorrow will most likely be a different


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Darryl, I think this is a great move.  We've been locked in to closed source
software for too long, and I think this thing with UI-View underscores the
need for more open licensing in the hobby.  It's a tragedy that we lost
Roger, but I can't understand his desire to have the source code destroyed.
On the other hand, that makes this the perfect time to introduce something

As Curt said, it'd be easier to start with Xastir and develop a Windows port
than to start from scratch.  But your code would be a good starting point,
too - from what I've seen of it, it looks fairly modular.  I'd like to see
more separation of the APRS parsing from the mapping engine and so on.
Something that'd be easier to integrate with a commercial mapping engine.
Yeah, it's going to cost more, but for SAR use none of the amateur products
really cut it.

Just my 2 cents...


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Ken Commented...
> The bad news is, that despite many offers from around the world to
> continue development of UI-View, Roger, rightly or wrongly, decided
> that the development of the program as he envisaged it would not
> continue after his death.

There is a need for a UI-View type of program. But lets face it, UI-VIEW is
something we can copy. Configuration files for TNC's are now there. MAP file
formats. The lot.

Realistically if we as a community wanted to develop something, we could.

So I am placing an offer with the community. If a group comes up with a
proposal to start development on a new WINDOWS application, I will donate
the source code for my OziAPRS or NetAPRS software to the effort. We will
need to work out the terms, but I think this will provide a huge start.
Initially all that would be needed would be the mapping display side.
netAPRS provides much of what is needed.

I am not saying that this would be an easy project, but it is a project that
is achievable.

If we went down this road, I am confident that we would be able to get an
organization like TAPR to administer any IP type issues and hold the source

This is a challenge to all. If you reply, make sure you reply to me
personally too. Forward this on to other people too.


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