[aprssig] UI-View... and the Future - New Open Source Type Project?

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I'm not a big fan of the GPL, but Curt's right, it'd let you reuse large
chunks of existing code.  The BSD license is less restrictive, but you can't
include GPL'd code in a BSD-licensed program.

Anything new that we develop needs to be highly modular - the APRS parsing
code needs to be totally separate from the TNC/AX.25 interface code and the
display code.  One thing that drives me nuts about Xastir (and all the other
APRS clients, for that matter) is its inability to do multiple map windows.
With a properly modular design, it wouldn't matter how many map windows are

Any OOP design experts out there?


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Ken Commented...
> The bad news is, that despite many offers from around the world to
> continue development of UI-View, Roger, rightly or wrongly, decided
> that the development of the program as he envisaged it would not
> continue after his death.

There is a need for a UI-View type of program. But lets face it, UI-VIEW is
something we can copy. Configuration files for TNC's are now there. MAP file
formats. The lot.

Realistically if we as a community wanted to develop something, we could.

So I am placing an offer with the community. If a group comes up with a
proposal to start development on a new WINDOWS application, I will donate
the source code for my OziAPRS or NetAPRS software to the effort. We will
need to work out the terms, but I think this will provide a huge start.
Initially all that would be needed would be the mapping display side.
netAPRS provides much of what is needed.

I am not saying that this would be an easy project, but it is a project that
is achievable.

If we went down this road, I am confident that we would be able to get an
organization like TAPR to administer any IP type issues and hold the source

This is a challenge to all. If you reply, make sure you reply to me
personally too. Forward this on to other people too.


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