[aprssig] Dual Serial Port PCMCIA card; $50

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 11 07:40:58 EST 2004

The print in the ad says this.  I am not picking on
you, and the picture is of a PCMCIA card, isn't it?

In bold print in the ad it says PCMCIA.

I have two PCMCIA cards for different purposes and
this one in the picture looks like the two I have
(although not a serial adapter).

I have installed PC cards that plug into the back or
side of a mother board.  I use PCMCIA cards that plug
in the side of my laptops.  I don't see this ad
showing me a card that plugs into the motherboard as a
"PC" card does.  It looks like a PCMCIA card that
plugs into the card slot in my laptop.  Maybe I need
to get more education on what these "cards" are and
what they do.  

I read your post.  I am just commenting on what I saw
in the ad.

Of course, the buyer beware.


--- Mike Yetsko <myetsko at insydesw.com> wrote:

> > The Ad specifies a PCMCIA card.
> >
> > Chris
> > KB8UIH
> >
> Uh, where?
> Yes, it DOES say "PCMCIA", usually in parens, and
> always as a 'reference'
> as a qualifier to '32-bit' or something else.  It
> This is usually how people who don't know what they
> are talking about
> describe 'CardBus'.
> If you read my post, you would understand the
> difference.
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